About us




Coffee, a word that’s been a part of who I am since I was born. I come from a Swiss family that came to Guatemala in 1908, established itself here, and started its own business in coffee machinery and foundry. Since then, we have built these machines and foundry for harvesting coffee. However, my family never planted and produced coffee; that’s where we come in. Our dream was to use our own machinery to produce some seriously spectacular coffee. In 2001, we bought a piece of land thirty eight kilometers from Guatemala City. At 6,280 feet above sea level, with soil of incredible quality, we took the risk. Starting from nothing, we worked diligently and exercised patience. In 2009, we earned our first Cup of Excellence; we then earned Cups of Excellence awards the following three consecutive years. Most coffee producers claim they have the best coffee in the world, and we believe that all coffees have their own characters and flavors. Even still, our coffee is unique. Why? Well, we are producers, roasters, and sellers. Our chain of production, from the plant to your cup, is rare, which is why we guarantee premium quality and freshness; we even roast every week to maintain the freshest coffee. We know that offering a high quality product comes with great responsibility: to take care of our chain of production, to take care of our workers, and—most importantly—to take care of you, our customers. We aim high. We aim to be a coffee leader; to us being a coffee leader means we are unique, rare, bold, and have a high-quality product. How do we do it? Shipping from Guatemala to the US and to your door is complicated, but we have been learning for twenty years now. We are not only experienced in offering excellent coffee, but we are also experienced in offering a fast, professional delivery right to your house.